Monday, October 27, 2008


These are a (very) few of my favorite pictures from our Disneyland trip with Grammy, Grampy, Becky's family, Karl & Kim. We got to spend six days, including Rilie's birthday, with some of our most favorite people in the Happiest Place on Earth. Thanks again for a great trip Grammy and Grampy!

*Two Thirsty Two Year Olds
*Rilie, Jenna, Goofy and Goofy!?
*Seven Spoiled Grandkids
*We're a Happy Family
*Birthday, Trick or Treating and Disneyland
I think the pictures are out of order, but you get the idea.

Happy Birthday Tiny!

Rilie turned 8! I have seen this a few times, but I thought I would tell you my eight favorite things about her, and then her eight favorite things.
The things that I cherish about Rilie:
1- She is a peacemaker
2- She will do anything to make someone happy
3- She loves to read and has a great imagination
4- She loves me no matter what I do
5- She is always up for anything(without complaining)
6- She is very selfless
7- She strives to make the right choices
8- She always does her best

The eight things Rilie couldn't live without:
1- Webkinz
2- Her family & friends
3- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
4- Sunsets
5- Reading
6- Going to movies with Daddy and Jenna
7- Playing outside (bike riding and monkey bars)
8- Holidays, specifically Halloween & Christmas

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ewww, Snow!

It's finally here. The wait is over. The best part of living next to a mountain in Utah. Am I laying on the sarcasm thick enough? Right now it is snowing. I hate snow. The whole winter season is not much better. The seemingly endless gray skies. The bitter biting cold. Having to be inside with bickering kids and know that I am neglecting the cleaning that needs to be done. There are two things I am looking forward to. Sledding. We had so much fun last year with the kids. Even though Ty was only one he was a trooper, until Dave helped him face plant into the snow. The girls love racing and taking turns making new trails. And, the holidays. Starting with Halloween. I decorated a month ago. I love when each new holiday season starts, seeing the excitement on my kids faces. In the bleak winter months I have the shining faces of my beautiful children to light the way back into spring. I am only feeling this way because they are getting along and playing quietly in a different part of the house. I can't even hear them. Ahhhh, bliss.