Thursday, October 20, 2011

SuRpRisE BrEaKfAsT Pj PaRty

Rilie couldn't decide if she wanted a soccer friend party, a neighborhood friend party, or to have Audrey come over and party. Mean mom that I am, I told her she took too long to decide and that she couldn't have a party at all. Meanwhile, I called a few of her friends' moms and asked them to bring their daughters to meet us at Kneaders this morning for a Pajama Party.

Rilie was so surprised! She wasn't even too mad that I made her wear her pj's in public. Thanks everyone for making this so fun and special!

CreAtiVe KiD

At our last Activity Days (lucky me I get to be with Rilie) we gave the girls a pumpkin, set out markers, ribbon, string, yarn, buttons, stickers, google eyes, etc... and set the girls loose.

Now, I may be a bit prejudice, but Rilie's was the absolute cutest!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I do love a man in uniform -

(even when he barely tolerates me taking his picture.)

Dave got a new position at work a few months ago and he officially starts TODAY!
His new job has longer hours, is five days a week instead of four and he is back to salary. Wait... Why am I so excited!?!?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

YaY DaVe!

Hooray for today! Pictures (and explanation) later.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


I have been a blog slacker. But, this time it was for a good reason. I am still not able to look at my post from June (it breaks my heart every time I think of Nana,) and on September 18th my Grandma passed away. Her husband passed away in November and I think she couldn't stand to live without him. We will miss her so much. I would have put more pictures on but my tears are blurring my vision. Love you Grandma!