Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, the things they say.

Tyler is my favorite for the hilarity that leaves his mouth. Some of the great things he has said recently are:
* "No they are just shoes." -When Jane asked if she had cool kicks like his.
* "But I'm so handsome." -When we had to change his too small church clothes.
* "Give me knuckles." -To the strangers behind us at the game when the Utes scored.
* "Ooo, you are pretty princess." -The last time I wore make-up and did my hair.
* "The baby girlfriends will get my shovel." -When he was playing with the twins and had to stop for a minute.
* "What the hell is that milk doing?" -After I spilled it and proceeded to cuss.
* "That baby has my hat." -When he saw Jonah wearing his old Utah hat.
* "No, I'll just watch T.V." -When I told him it was time to get Jenna from school.
* "Good job Daddy." - When Dave turned down the street to go to his parent's house.
* "I can't get it off, I need clothes, I'm not a princess." -This morning when I put on his overalls for the first time.
He is still telling me he is stuck in his pants.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I gave into the pressure and went to the doctor today. Now I am kicking myself. Why didn't I go Friday when I started getting sick. I don't consider myself a masochist, I just thought I would get better. I still feel so crummy that my mom (like a trooper) had to drive me. It is times like these that I wish I had never gotten married and moved out. Who takes better care of you than your mom? She doesn't ask if you need something, she is right there with your favorite shake, and she already knew the flavor you wanted. Not to discount the fact that Dave has taken over my jobs this week, or that cute Jane brought me not one, but two flavors of ice cream. I hope that my mom does not catch strep, even more than that, I hope that she knows I can't make it without her. Love you Mom!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th Memories

I got this idea from someone else, but I thought it was a good one. Because of the date, I was reflecting on my own September 11th experience, and I thought I would share. (As a preface, I will say that our bad luck really does come in threes, but fortunately for us, it is not nearly as tragic as some peoples'. The week before we left on vacation a Semi-Truck hit Dave and totalled our car.) We were in a hotel in Anaheim getting ready for a fun filled day at Disneyland. I went to the little cafe in the hotel to get Rilie (almost one at the time) some yogurt. The people in the elevator told me I needed to get back to my room and turn on the news right away. I thought that was odd coming from strangers, but I did what they said. How awful! When I clicked on the television they were playing and re-playing the plane hitting the first tower and speculating what had happened. I got Dave out of the shower, and we watched, horrified. When we couldn't take any more, we decided to go to Disneyland (the happiest place on earth.) We didn't get very far when we realized something was wrong. The gates were locked. The park was closed. We later learned that L.A. and surrounding areas were also targets. We drove every where looking for something to take our minds off of reality. The malls were closed. The beaches had chains across their parking lots. I think we finally settled on dinner from McDonald's and went back to the hotel. We were stuck in Anaheim for a few more days. I don't know if I would have been brave enough to fly even if their had been a flight available. We took the only rental car available and to our great relief we were able to come home. I think that is the only time we weren't wishing to be on vacation longer. (Bad thing #3 - In October Dave was laid-off. He was working at the Marriott Hotel Reservation center in the service support department. Business decreased so much that they were letting people go left and right.) I am so greatful for all of the people that fight in so many ways to preserve our freedoms! God Bless America!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am not a hermit, just a soccer mom!

SO, this week starts our favorite time of year. Dance twice a week and soccer three times, not to mention the Utes football season. I keep telling Dave that Ty can play soccer, and the girls can just dance. He says they can give up dance and play more soccer, regardless of what Tyler decides to do. Since neither of us is going to give in, I get to put the rest of my life on hold to make sure we are to practice, games, recitals, etc... If I don't see you for a while, give me a call (on my cell - I'm sure I won't be home!)