Thursday, July 30, 2009

*We Love Nana*

Nana is my mom's mom. She is 84. She is a pip. She belongs to a choir that sings to the "old people" at the senior center. She has a group of friends that call themselves The Old Broads and go on road trips together. She spoils me and my kids rotten. She has beaten breast cancer. She has been a widow for 34 years. She is definitely one of my heroes. It isn't her birthday or anything, I have just been thinking about her, and wishing more people could know her.

Ri and Jen giving Nana a big kiss!

Some of Nana's grand kids and great-grand kids (no spouses.) We are missing quite a few, but still an impressive brood.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*CoUsiNs CaMp*

My mom decided to split cousins camp up this year, and do half now and half in October. For this half (to my childrens' demise) I was the designated helper since Becky was home with baby Charlie.

Charlie was invited, but at less than a week old, he probably wouldn't have enjoyed himself too much.

The first day we loaded up the seven monkeys and went to the zoo (so appropriate!)

Despite the 102 degree heat we wandered around for three and a half hours. I swear our ice cream was not the only thing melting.

The next day we went to Copperton Park.

It was Tabasco-sauce hot outside again so we all had a huge Slurpee and hid in the shade after a while. A stray dog (that we nicknamed Ug, for his good looks) came over and tried to get us to share.

Then the kids went back to my parents' house for dinner, a water fight, t-shirt tye-dying, a nighttime treasure hunt and sleepover (great news for my kids, Grampy was home from work, and took my place as Grammy's helper.) Leave it to my mom, she bought them all headlamps so they could find their treasure hunt clues in the dark.

Since two super-fun days are never enough, the next morning we all went to Raging Waters. The kids' only complaint was that there was not enough time to go on each slide ten times.

I can't wait to see how Grammy tops this one. The kids had a blast. Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Going Private...

Hey everybody, I am going to make our blog private. Please put your name and e-mail in the comments so I can add you to the list.