Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter (Not even a whole month later.)

We are so lucky to have Nana as the matriarch of our family. She is eighty-five this year and is house-bound a good share of her time because of ailments. Yet, she still finds ways to make the plethora of kids, grand kids, and great-grand kids happy. We all braved the cold for Nana's Annual Easter Egg Hunt, and had a great time.

Of course our camera died before we were able to take a picture of the kids with Nana.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handsome T-Rex is 5

Boy do I pity the fool who gets to be this witty, rambunctious, genius child's kindergarten teacher!

Last night as a Four-Year-Old

Ty waited until the morning of his birthday to tell me he didn't want cake and ice cream for his party. After throwing out all of the ideas I had he settled on rootbeer floats and chocolate chip cookies.

"Mom there is ice cream in my cup, I don't want ice cream, I just want a rootbeer float."

The day after his birthday most of his sentences started with, "Remember when I was little, like, four..."

Ty is my sidekick, comedic relief, and handsome prince. He keeps my ego small and my days busy. I couldn't love him more.