Friday, September 10, 2010

April - September

Handsome T-Rex's Birthday -
My four favorite things about my favorite four year old:
1-He is unbelievably smart
2-He looks just like his dad (Soooo Handsome!)
3-He will do anything to make us smile
4-He tells you exactly what he thinks

Rilie made the competition soccer team she tried out for.

The end of third grade, first grade, and Yaya's preschool.

Cousin's Camp.
(Are you kidding me, NO PICTURES! I'll have to get some from my mom.)

Back to School!

Another Dog!?!?!

Karl and Kim came to visit!

Everybody's playing soccer this season.

Preschool at Aunt Sand's.

That, my friends, was exhausting! I will try to keep up next time.