Tuesday, October 23, 2012

*She's Twelve*

I can't believe it either!
We thought Rilie was going to be a boy. Her name was going to be Brayden. Then came the ultrasound:
I am not sure how it was determined by looking at this grey blob that she was a girl, but it proved correct. Ri and her cousin Brody were both due on Halloween. Stubborn from the beginning, she was unmovabley breech. So we got to meet her a week earlier than planned. At 6lbs 15ozs her nickname quickly became "Tiny."
She walked at ten months,
Talked in complete sentences at two,
Decided to become a star soccer player at three,
And has been giving us a run for our money since the day she was born.
She couldn't pronounce her middle name (Nicole) and she would introduce herself as "Rilie Inthecoal."
One time after asking Nana how old she was (80) Rilie proclaimed that Nana was just about as old as a tree.
Rilie's favorite color is teal. Favorite animal is a zebra. Favorite athlete is Hope Solo. Favorite dessert is ice cream. Favorite meal is steak and garlic mashed potatoes.
Favorite action hero is Thor (maybe it is just because he is played by Chris Hemsworth.) Favorite fictional character is Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series.
Favorite actor is Channing Tatum (although that has nothing to do with his acting abilities.) Favorite place to vacation is New York.
Favorite things to do are; read, play soccer, video games, and draw.
Rilie is such a goofball. So much fun to have in our family. A great friend. Good example to her sister and brother. My favorite twelve-year-old.
Happy Happy Birthday Tiny!