Wednesday, September 07, 2011

FrOm SidEKiCk To KinDerGarTNer

I am so lucky to have a boss that understands how important family is, and doesn't mind that I bring Ty to work with me. Ty considers himself gainfully employed. It only made sense to have a retirement party for him yesterday. He decided that we needed Wendy's for lunch and pictures of the last day of working as a sidekick.

Me, "Ty I am going to be so sad to come to work alone."
Ty, "Mom, you won't be alone, Al is here."
Me, "True, but she's not as cute as you."

Me, "Ty what if I cry tomorrow when I see you get off the bus and walk to class."
Ty, "Mom you won't cry. That would be sooooo embarrassing!"

How could I cry when this is the level of excitement that greeted me?!?

Two handsome cousins waiting in line to go in to class. (Lucky teacher.)

After the bell rang a few of us parents went into the school to sneak a peek. The kids that saw their parents were waving and blowing kisses. Not Ty. This is him making the motion and saying, "Shut the door."

Ever since Ty could talk he has called the beautiful Basinger twins "The Baby Girlfriends." I asked him if he was excited to have the baby girlfriends in his class. His reply was, "Yes but let's call them Ava and Addie. Those are their names."
I love that he has his arm on Ava's shoulder. When he found out that she broke her arm he offered to do her homework for her. What a gentleman.

Back to the bus. One mohawk height above the rest.

On the drive home Tyler said to me, "Mom I'm sorry there's school again tomorrow."
Me, "Why? I thought you liked it."
Ty, "I do, but you'll have to be alone again. Maybe you could go play with your friends."
Sounds good to me! Who's up for brunch?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

BaCK to ScHooL

Fifth and Third Grade!
Kindergarten pictures and assessment story next time.