Monday, August 29, 2011

WhEn YoU WiSh UpOn A StAr...

Friday night Ty and I were sitting in the car waiting for Dave and the girls to pick some things up at the store. Tyler is looking out the window and he says to me, "I wish I could see a shooting star."
Me, "What would you wish for?"
Ty, "To see a shooting star every night so I could keep making wishes."
I am thinking to myself that I have one smart five year old, until...
Me, "What would your second wish be?"
Ty, "To never have to swallow my slobber."
Me, "Hunh. What would your third wish be?"
Ty, "To not have to breathe to stay alive."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

QuiCk PiCs

This is the bird house my mom and dad built for us. Why oh why couldn't they have passed on some of this talent?!?!

Monday, August 22, 2011

CraFtS WiTh ThE KiDs

The monkeys and I had a craft day on Saturday. Ri made the owl to match her room, Ty made the manly lady bug (like in "Bug's Life,") and Jenna made a glittery cupcake, of course.

Tons of fun to watch the kids express themselves.

Wood Connection has the cutest ideas for fall. Here is the outcome.

Jenna and I also finally stained the bird house that my parents made me for Christmas last year. I will post a picture soon.

SoCcEr SeAsoN

This is Rilie's second year playing soccer on a competition team. It is unbelievable how dedicated these ten-year-old girls are. Last season Ri got knocked around a bit (then gave it right back.)
Her coach nicknamed her "The Bull." Love it.
This year she wanted to give being goalie a try. Of course she is doing great. She is pretty aggressive and she is definitely not afraid of the ball.

She goes to Goalie Training once or twice a week with the goalie trainer for RSL, Jeff Cassar. Woo woo.

The team started the season by walking out on the field with the MLS players. Great start to what is sure to be a great season.