Monday, August 22, 2011

CraFtS WiTh ThE KiDs

The monkeys and I had a craft day on Saturday. Ri made the owl to match her room, Ty made the manly lady bug (like in "Bug's Life,") and Jenna made a glittery cupcake, of course.

Tons of fun to watch the kids express themselves.

Wood Connection has the cutest ideas for fall. Here is the outcome.

Jenna and I also finally stained the bird house that my parents made me for Christmas last year. I will post a picture soon.


Shanna said...

That just made me so excited for fall!! Bring on the cooler weather and the orange and browns. I'll have to head to wood connection. It's been too long!

Maren said...

Um, how come your kids are way better at crafts than I am?
Not fair, I tell you.
But, very cute.

Jane said...

I love the owls!!!! You do the cutest crafy things :) Your birdhouse looks great, I love it!