Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hours (A-W-R-Z) in Time-Out

Tyler had to go sit on his bed the other day. I can't remember for what, but with that kid it could have been anything. On the way to his room the conversation went like this -

"How long do I have to stay there? Will it be for hours."
"No, Ty, more like ten minutes."

Ten minutes later I went to tell him he could come play. That conversation went like this -

"A-W-R-Z. That's how you spell it."
"That's how you spell what Ty?"

What three-year-old spends his entire time out trying to spell the duration of the time out? Mine. My kid does that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

First Grader For A Day

I just spent the last two hours helping in Jenna's class. Her teacher is a slightly eccentric woman who does not have any adult sized chairs (that I could find) in her room. After I had been there for about an hour she went slinking about the students whispering, "Break time." The kids all got up and went in the hall. She then invited me to come and watch them dance, explaining on the way that they would usually just stay in the classroom but, since the elf house magically showed up around Christmas-time that there just wasn't enough room. They all got in fourth position and did rel eves for a few minutes. Then they sat in a circle and did a little yoga. After they sneakily danced back to the classroom trying to avoid butterflies (classmates,) teacher (her name is Ms. Dalgleish, and I dare you to find a six-year-old that can pronounce it correctly,) read to us from a book about Abraham Lincoln's life. Two children were chosen to fill up buckets with water and carry them back and forth through the school until they had walked a mile so they could see how hard old Abe had it. Then we took a short field trip outside so we could see how far twenty miles was, because that was how far our 16th president walked to borrow books to read. All in all a very interesting morning.

I don't remember first grade that well, but I am pretty sure the most physical activity my teacher had was to kick Carlos Buckner in the rear-end when he stood on a chair to yell at the rest of the class. No wonder Jenna and her classmates love Teacher.