Monday, August 29, 2011

WhEn YoU WiSh UpOn A StAr...

Friday night Ty and I were sitting in the car waiting for Dave and the girls to pick some things up at the store. Tyler is looking out the window and he says to me, "I wish I could see a shooting star."
Me, "What would you wish for?"
Ty, "To see a shooting star every night so I could keep making wishes."
I am thinking to myself that I have one smart five year old, until...
Me, "What would your second wish be?"
Ty, "To never have to swallow my slobber."
Me, "Hunh. What would your third wish be?"
Ty, "To not have to breathe to stay alive."


Shanna said...

That really hit my funny bone! That kid is hilarious!

Jane said...

I love that boy!! Thanks for making me laugh :)

Katie said...

LOL! How on earth do their little minds work??