Saturday, May 14, 2011

Handsome T-Rex is 5

Boy do I pity the fool who gets to be this witty, rambunctious, genius child's kindergarten teacher!

Last night as a Four-Year-Old

Ty waited until the morning of his birthday to tell me he didn't want cake and ice cream for his party. After throwing out all of the ideas I had he settled on rootbeer floats and chocolate chip cookies.

"Mom there is ice cream in my cup, I don't want ice cream, I just want a rootbeer float."

The day after his birthday most of his sentences started with, "Remember when I was little, like, four..."

Ty is my sidekick, comedic relief, and handsome prince. He keeps my ego small and my days busy. I couldn't love him more.


Shanna said...

He just gets more and more handsome the older he gets! Happy Birthday to him!! So nice of him to wait until the day of to tell you he didn't want the cake. What a crackup :)

Talbot Family said...

I swear that your kids have more personality than a village of other children, I love it. He is a cutie. I am glad that he had a good Birthday and I am glad you have a little buddy to bum around with.

Joni said...

Happy Birthday dude!