Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, the things they say.

Tyler is my favorite for the hilarity that leaves his mouth. Some of the great things he has said recently are:
* "No they are just shoes." -When Jane asked if she had cool kicks like his.
* "But I'm so handsome." -When we had to change his too small church clothes.
* "Give me knuckles." -To the strangers behind us at the game when the Utes scored.
* "Ooo, you are pretty princess." -The last time I wore make-up and did my hair.
* "The baby girlfriends will get my shovel." -When he was playing with the twins and had to stop for a minute.
* "What the hell is that milk doing?" -After I spilled it and proceeded to cuss.
* "That baby has my hat." -When he saw Jonah wearing his old Utah hat.
* "No, I'll just watch T.V." -When I told him it was time to get Jenna from school.
* "Good job Daddy." - When Dave turned down the street to go to his parent's house.
* "I can't get it off, I need clothes, I'm not a princess." -This morning when I put on his overalls for the first time.
He is still telling me he is stuck in his pants.


Jane said...

He never ceases to make me laugh! Keep em coming. Give me knuckles and No, I'll just watch tv are my favs.

KateJeppson said...

that is stinkin hilarious! how old is he now?

Dan & Melissa said...

Krista, your kids are just lovely...I love what your little guy says...he's a crack-up!
Don't you love it when they repeat the cuss words. Ha ha ha!

Maren said...

He's such a smarty pants. I'm glad he was willing to let you go get Jenna while he stayed back to watch TV. :)
He's a cutie. I can't wait to see you all in Dec.

TheHottonSix said...

I just love hearing all his little sayings. They just really give me something to smile about. What a cute kid.

Talbot Family said...

No surprise! With sisters like his how could he not be hilarious. I love that kid and can't wait for him to rip into me the next time I see him.