Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am not a hermit, just a soccer mom!

SO, this week starts our favorite time of year. Dance twice a week and soccer three times, not to mention the Utes football season. I keep telling Dave that Ty can play soccer, and the girls can just dance. He says they can give up dance and play more soccer, regardless of what Tyler decides to do. Since neither of us is going to give in, I get to put the rest of my life on hold to make sure we are to practice, games, recitals, etc... If I don't see you for a while, give me a call (on my cell - I'm sure I won't be home!)


Andrea said...

At least you have the Twilight series on CD so you can listen to it while shuttling kids around! (Time to put it on the IPOD for a little pick-me-up during all those games you'll be watching!)
Let me know whenever you hear something new - I've totally been relying on you to pass along the latest word from our beloved Twilight world!

Jane said...

I hope you can find it in your busy schedule to have lunch someday. Pencil me in on a free afternoon! You are such a good mom, and I love that your girls have those bows on when they are playing soccer.

Amber said...

So how many miles are you going to do in a day? We should make so kind of game out of it. I need your cell number so we can chat while we are busy driving in our personal family buses.

Talbot Family said...

You are such a crazy mom. I love that you sacrifice sanity for your kids. A true mom you are. Good luck with this crazy time.

Maren said...

Look at those dancer poses. :)
I think that's awesome that your kids have their art and their athletics....even if you go insane shuttling from one to the other.
We bought our Christmas time plane tickets!

Andrea said...

Hey you - I'm having a flower/hat party tuesday night at 7pm. I'd love to see you.
BTW How was the Utes game?! Awesome!!