Friday, August 29, 2008


Anyone who is as obsessed with the Twilight Saga as I am already knows that a partial, unfinished version of Midnight Sun was published without permission online. To my great dismay (not to mention Andrea's) Stephenie Meyer has put of finishing this book "indefinitely." So all of you Twihards and Twilight Moms and anyone else that cares- write to Little Brown or find a chat group, or e-mail Stephenie herself (if you can do that last one PLEASE let me know how.) For now I guess I deal with the fact that I won't get to hear as much from Edward as I was hoping. How easy it is for me to get sucked into a fictional world. Oh well, everyone needs some kind of escape.


Andrea said...

I pray (LITERALLY) that she comes around once the anger has subsided, and finishes the book for all of us obsessed fans!

The Mayletts said...

you guys crack me up. It's all gonna work out in the end I just know it. Go to!!

Talbot Family said...

I was so lit up over that scandal. What kind of a horrible troll would ruin the rest of my life like that?