Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What did you expect?!

So, quite a few of you have asked me where my Sugar Bowl Win post is. The Utes (of course) made football and state history with a 31-17 victory over Alabama. But, I was not surprised, and any of you true Utah fans shouldn't have been either. Johnson was awesome, the whole team played great, and the new defensive coordinator did one heck of a job! Now if there are a ton of people that usually cheer for the team down south that want to switch allegiance, who can blame them? The quest for perfection didn't really turn out the way BYU expected, did it? Our friends' nephew had a shirt that said, "The Quest for Perfection looks better in RED! How true! Go UTES!

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Katie said...

I'm glad I was in town to enjoy your Ute chocolates! For chocolate I say GO UTES! =)