Thursday, October 01, 2009

Ode to a Scholes

I refuse to tell Jenna that Bethia is moving away.

Good luck with that Amber, I've cried enough today.

We wish your family luck, and know this move is for the best.

With you as our neighbors our lives have been blessed.

One more month is not enough time to spend with our friends,

Selfishly, we will hope that the job offer ends.

Our loss is definitely South Africa's gain!!!


Krista said...

p.s. the dates on my pictures are never right.

Amber said...

Dang you for making me cry! We have a while still! Love you too Krista.

Jane said...

It is a sad day for our nieghborhood to find this out. There will be a void around here, that's for sure.

Joni said...

We will miss you Scholes!!