Friday, May 21, 2010

What did you just say?

Tomorrow it is a month since Ty's birthday! Where is Ty's birthday post? Maybe tomorrow. But, for now -

Me - "I am scared at one of the houses I have to deliver a newspaper to the porch."
Rilie - "Of what?"
Me - "Skunks, snakes, raccoons, serial killers..."
Rilie - "Better watch your Cap'n Crunch."
Me - "What?"
Rilie - "Cereal Killers."

Rilie - "Mom, I lost a tooth at school yesterday."
Me - "Neat, did you get a little treasure chest to bring it home in?"
Rilie - "Yes, and I put it under my pillow without telling anyone so I could see if the tooth fairy was real."
Me - "Oh, what conclusion did you come to?"

Nana - (at Jenna's birthday party) "Jenna I better not smile."
Jenna - "Why?"
Nana - "Because I don't have my teeth in."
Jenna - "It's okay Nana, I don't have any teeth either."

Rilie - "I want to be an architect when I grow up. Or a (I can't remember, but something along the lines of president, doctor, you get the picture.)"
Me - "Jenna what do you want to be?"
Jenna - "Either the person who works at the register at the store or a pet groomer."

Tyler - (In church, not necessarily shouting, but pretty stinkin' loud.) "Mom, there is Big Brad." (His preschool teacher's husband.)
Me - "Yes Ty, please be quiet."
Tyler - (Still in his ultra-loud not even appropriate for a sporting event voice,) "Mom Big Brad is BALD."

Tyler and I recently went to a third grade activity for Rilie held in the school's gym. We were sitting at a table in between other tables with other moms. The activity was coming to an end, so Rilie's teacher blew her whistle to get everyone's attention.
Ty looks up from the DS that he had been studiously playing for the last hour and shouts into the dead silent gym, "What the HELL was that all about."
Me (red faced and slouching in my chair) - "Rilie's teacher wants everyone to be QUIET!"


Joni said...

What funny kids you have, you will be happy later that you have all these funny things they said written down.

Maren said...


*~Petra~* said...

Ha ha... Love it! Nice to see my kids aren't the only ones who say embarassing things at the darndest times... when everyone is quiet!!