Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Real Daddy - Daughter Date

Is there a bigger Real Salt Lake fan than Dave? Maybe, consider Dave Junior. Rilie loves to play, watch, eat, drink, dress, basically live soccer. With two or three 2 hour practices a week she better LOVE it.

I, on the other hand am not a huge soccer fan. I enjoy watching my kids play, and that is the extent of my soccer fanaticism. I am only sad that I am going to miss Becks up close and personal. This will have to do.

I hope they have fun!


Talbot Family said...

This is the cutest. I love that girl, seriously love her. Glad that the two of them were able to have some serious bonding time. I will blow Becks a kiss for you ;)

Katie said...

Hello Becks! YUM!