Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Easter, Birthdays and Soccer, Oh My!

I know, I know, all of my blog posts start out this way. Here is a little catch up. Nana's Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held, sans Nana. Sad. That is all I am going to say. The kids had a bunch of fun.
Easter morning I made a pathetic attempt to copy a breakfast I saw on pinterest. If you can identify it, more power to you!
Jenna turned nine the day after Easter. She gave her cake request to Tiff. The girl is amazing!
Instead of a birthday party Jenna wanted to go bowling. The kids had Jenna's birthday off from school so we loaded up, grabbed Gavin and off we went.
Next up was Ty's birthday. He wanted a Batman and Robin cake with superhero cupcakes. Leave it to Tiff.
What a ham this kid is! Just looking at this picture makes me laugh.
Tyler wants to go miniature golfing for his birthday, but we haven't had a good day yet... When we do, I am sure we will pick up Ethan, then let the competition begin. We are so lucky that Becky's family lives just across the park and that the kids are all the same ages. These two are in the same kindergarten class, the same primary class, and on the same soccer team.


Katie said...

Is it the Ghostbuster ghost being swallowed by Pacman? If so, don't be so hard on yourself! I think it turned out perfectly!

Jane said...

Wow, amazing cakes, amazing children and an amazing mom! the chick in egg breakfast? Not so much. Love you:)

Maren said...

Is that scrambled chicken wearing a bow tie? It's a Chip n Dale's dancing chicken popping out of the waffle egg. And it's waaaaaaay better than anything I could do. I wish I could do fun cakes. I stop at sprinkles.
The Easter dressed up picture of the kids is cute. It's fun to see Rilie at the age I remember knowing you.
Doing my best to get us to SLC in July. I'll keep you posted since I refuse to leave the state without getting together.