Thursday, February 02, 2012

Our family was lucky to be able to spend so much time doing so many fun things together in December.

We got to see Jenna in an "in studio" dance performance. She outshines me in so many ways. Her talent as a dancer is just one.

Rilie did a book talk - a super involved book report - where she dressed up as Ms. Wellington from School of Fear (one of her favorite books.) She was mortified at the thought of being seen in her costume by anyone other than classmates, so I obligingly drove her to school. I talked her into letting me put on the finishing touches in the hallway before we reached her class. All was well until a class of sixth graders happened by. For Rilie it was like living a nightmare. I, being the adult, having ALL of my embarrassing moments behind me (ha ha) thought it was hysterical.

(You can tell by her face in the picture that she is thrilled I am documenting the occasion.)

We also went to Temple Square to see the lights with my parents and Becky's family. We went on Gavin's birthday, so after his party ie... stuffing myself with cake and ice cream, we went to the Lion House for dinner. How do I always end up forgetting the camera when we do something that would have resulted in pictures as fantastic as the memories we made?!?

Last but certainly not least was Christmas Day. I must confess that Christmas Eve with family, games, food, endless soda, and all of the anticipation is actually my favorite.

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