Monday, February 06, 2012

Two Tales From Tyler and a Rilie-ism

I was approached by a neighbor (who I don't know very well) and he said he had a story to tell me. I cringed. He said the story was about Tyler. I let out a deep sigh. He said the story was so good that he had already told it to a bunch of family and friends. Oh Boy!
Nate has a son Kade who is in Ty's primary class. Nate was a substitute teacher for the class and overheard Tyler and Kade teasing each other. That week seven girls and only three boys were there. So the five-year-old insults were along the lines of - How many girls are there in class today (then pointing at each other,) one, two, etc.
Okay, I thought, this isn't too bad.
Then Nate said Ty turned to him and said, "Hey Kade's Dad, why are you wearing a pink tie?"
Nate replied, "Because I like pink."
Ty repeated the question, "Hey Kade's Dad, why are you wearing a pink tie?"
Again, "Because I like pink."
Tyler made sure everyone was listening and said, "Hey Kade's Dad, where's your prom dress?"
He he he. That's my boy. It could have been so much worse.

Tyler Tale number two.
(This is not a recent picture. Just the first documented case of Tyler's slovenly ways.)

I, being the good mom that I am, made Ty his favorite lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and orange juice. We had the individual bottles of Tropicana. What a treat! Tyler ate his lunch quickly and finished by guzzling down his orange juice. When he finished there was a huge dark purple mark (like a milk mustache, but almost black) above his upper lip. Ty is no stranger to walking around most of the day with food all over his face. So I asked him if he had a cupcake or other treat at school. He hadn't. I took a closer look. In his hurry to finish his orange juice he had sucked the bottle so hard he gave himself a hickie. A bruise above his lip. Oh well, I thought, it's Tyler, probably no one will notice. Wrong! Rilie walked in the door from school a little later, took one look at Ty and said, "He looks like he has a 'Hitler Mustache' what happened to him?"
Nice. My five year old walked around for a week looking like one of the most hated men in history.

And a Rilie-ism.

Rilie and I came up with an easy idea for her science fair project, did the bare minimum and whammo - free time on Super Bowl weekend. Yesterday, Jane, who's son James is in Rilie's class was telling Ri that they would have to go home after the game and get to work. Rilie asked Jane what James' project was on. Jane replied that it was nothing complicated enough to win anything. Rilie's comment to that was, "Oh, that's okay. If you win you have to go down to BYU for the next round." Way to go Ri! Although maybe it would have been better received by a Utah fan instead of a die-hard BYU allum.

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Katie said...

OK, SERIOUSLY cracking up at these. Especially the BYU remark!! If Rilie and James ever get married (knock on wood!), we're going to have to plan a purple reception.