Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eight really is Great!

Rilie was baptized yesterday. It was such a special day and it was so disappointing. Let me explain. Rilie was beautiful, happy, excited and nervous. Dave and Jenna were pale, greenish, and throwing up. We asked Rilie if she wanted to wait another month so that Dave could baptize her, or if she wanted Grampy to do it. Lucky for her she had options. Rilie has always had a choose the right attitude, and didn't want to wait. Dave and Jenna were sad to miss it, but happy Rilie was making a good decision. Jenna was also appeased by the fact that eventually Rilie's baptism dress would become a hand-me-down. So Tyler and I took Rilie to the church leaving half of our family at home. Tyler called the church a castle as we pulled up to it, which was appropriate, since Rilie truly is a princess. Rilie was radiant. My dad gave her a beautiful blessing (that reminded me just how quickly she is growing up)after he baptized and confirmed her. We are so lucky to have her in our family.
Footnote: Thanks to Becky for letting us have lunch at her house so everyone didn't get sick. Maybe I should be thanking Aaron, since he was the one who had just cleaned the day before.

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