Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Rockstar, A Christmas Tree & Yoda

Halloween: Candy, costumes, fun and friends. I have strep (AGAIN) and couldn't go Trick -or- Treating with the kids, but Dave said they had a great time. Ty, who was very upset to be wearing a ridiculous outfit, was calmed quickly when he figured out if he yelled trick or treat he got candy, he wouldn't even let Dave touch his bag, let alone carry it for him, even though it was way heavy. This morning he woke up and asked if he could trick or treat again. Rilie and Jenna have spent most of today asking for "one more piece." They are so cute, how can I refuse?


TheHottonSix said...

I have to tell you how flippin' cute your kids were when they came to my house. I LOVED their costumes.

Andrea said...

Love the Yoda costume!!
I need to regulate my kids' candy consumption - they are out of control, and Aidan won't take his naps.
So, I can't believe you have strep AGAIN! Have you gotten your tonsils out yet? You need some serious R&R!

Talbot Family said...

I love these kids so much. They are too cute. Ty is the best Yoda ever, and a Christmas tree? Clever. I may have to steal that one. I hope you feel better.

Maren said...

A Christmas tree? Did she come up with that on her own? Too cute. That Yoda picture is what I would call priceless.