Thursday, April 16, 2009

*Easter Photo Fun*

*Handsome T-Rex

*Beautiful Rilie

*Adorable Jenna

This is my favorite picture ever! It will be hung all through my house.

We had an excellent photographer (and even better friend) take the kids pictures, WOW! If you want to see more of Jane's work go to


Andrea said...

very VERY beautiful pictures! And Jenna's dress = gorgeous! (Must be dress party goods.)
Ty is sooo super handsome in his suit!
Rilie is beautimus as always.
Go Jane!

Jane said...

Thanks Krista! I am thrilled that you like them. Your kids are only the cutest around, it was a cinch to capture their cuteness and beauty.

Amber said...

What beautiful babies. Ty needs to come have popcorn again soon. Jane, you are amazing with a camera. Love the pics.

Katie said...

Lucky U to live by Jane. Lucky Jane to get to photograph such cute kids! The last one is my favorite - T-Rex looks like he knows something his sisters don't!

We are the Mayletts said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!! We love you and hope you have a great day! I really hope you enjoy your mustard cake!! yum.

Maren said...

Those are lovely!