Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sensational Six

Jenna turned six last Thursday!

My six favorite things about Jenna are:

*1- Her smile. (If I can coax it out of her, it makes my day.)
*2- Her laugh. It is so contagious!
*3- Her attitude. She will forever be an individual. Total trendsetter.
*4- Her willingness to help me with anything.
(She even happily gets up at 2:00am to help with newspapers.)
*5- Her tenaciousness. (I dare you to call her stubborn to her face.)
*6- Her beauty. It goes way beyond skin deep.

Happy Birthday my Favorite Six Year Old!


Nene said...

Happy Birthday Jenna! I remember when she was in nursery with me - whoa! How did she grow up so fast?

Joni said...

I agree, she has grown up way fast, time flies. We love Jenna, she is so funny and always has on such cute shoes.

Andrea said...

You raise such amazing, beautiful, obedient children! I am so jealous! Will you parent mine? Holy crow - I can't believe she gets up in the middle of the night to work! (Takes after her CRAZY mom!)
Love ya!

dxfritz said...

hello. just dropping by. you have a cute blog. neat, simple with a human touch. i like it. you got lovely kids too.