Thursday, April 23, 2009

Handsome T-Rex's Big Day

Ty's birthday was filled with toys, boys (Becky's kids are his favorite playmates) and amazing cupcakes in the shape of an alligator (thanks Tiff!)

It is hard to choose my favorite three things about Tyler, but I have decided they are:

1- His smile and laugh (They go hand in hand.)

2- His thoughtful questions (I swear he has a sixteen year old brain inside that head.)

3- His gregariousness (I hope he never grows out of the desire to have everyone as a friend.)


Joni said...

I love the alligator cupcakes, so cute. Finally Ty is 3 years old. He didn't look or act like a two year old. He is a smarty pants!

Andrea said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Big Boy! Your stories of him crack me up! LOVE that alligator cake - holy crow! Get me one of those.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Ty, I think your aunt Tiff needs to start a cake business, talk about big time talent!! Please tell your mom to stop sending us birthday cakes and cupcakes, we are gaining weight by the minute over here.

Maren said...

That picture with all three of your kiddos reminded me of my siblings know, back before we started a serious dislike for one another.
It's sweet.
I'm glad he had a good birthday. Jenna, too.

Dan and Melissa said...
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Aly said...

Happy Birthday Ty!! Those alligator cupcakes ROCK!!

Andrea said...

Hey You! Thanks SO MUCH for calling me to meet for lunch today, and even having everyone come way over here by me! You are my favorite person in the whole world! Thanks so much for holding baby Bella. I don't think Aidan would've put up with having to share my lap - he was too tired and cranky (on top of his usual clinginess).
Love ya! I need to close down my midnight sun computer page and start reading The Book Thief now! I keep getting quotes from MS that I have to post on my blog-page. I LOVE midnight sun! (Thanks for understanding:))

Joni said...

I keep waiting for Disneyland pictuers, where are they? Please post soon!