Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Memories

One year my mom and her sisters (who are almost as thoughtful and fun as she is)had a great idea for a gift for Nana (their mom.) We started our family Christmas party at my parents house, which was unusual, but we sang Christmas songs and waited for everyone to arrive. I can't remember the story to get Nana outside, but there was a huge horse-drawn carriage at the top of my parents' street when we all looked out. My mom suggested that we go ask if we could go for a ride. Nana was beside herself that one of her daughters would be so forward. After my mom talked to the driver for a couple of minutes they started coming down the street, horses, carriage and all. It was a set-up of course. We all got to ride the trailer-sized sleigh to Nana's house a few miles away. It was a riot. Cars honked and people waved and we caroled the entire ride. (This was long before Dave & kids, hopefully we can do it again someday!)


Jane said...

That is awsome, I wish I was there. How in the world did your mom arrange that one?

We are the Mayletts said...

That is so cute! She must know all the right people. Your kids are so lucky!

Dan and Melissa said...

That's such a great idea!
You are so lovely. I honestly think you're beautiful on the inside and out!
You're also a fantastic mom...I love you girls!