Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Once upon a time... Just kidding. Eleven years ago today Dave proposed. He took me to the places we had gone on our first date. We started with dinner at Red Robin, followed by a trip to Murray Park. Yes, he made me go to the park in December. When we got to the park there were candles and music and pie (my favorite.) After we ate our pie we danced! I love dancing. Funny how when we were dating Dave had me thoroughly convinced that he was romantic and would do anything, no matter how embarrassing, just to make me happy. While we were dancing (to the cassette that he had made no less,) he asked me to marry him. I thought he was joking and told him no and to ask again when he meant it. Then he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me again. What can I say, I am a sucker for diamonds. No, I knew that I wanted to be with him forever, so of course I said yes. After that he drove me home to show my parents the ring. My hat is truly off to them. If Rilie comes home four months after she turns eighteen and tells me she is getting married I will ship her to an all girls college in Siberia. They were happy (or they feined happiness well) and wished us luck. Six months later we were married. As a side note, I should probably have figured out that he was really not at all romantic because one of the songs on the cassette was Red Hot Chili Peppers' Suck My Kiss. Which is the song I didn't listen to and so embarrassingly put on my blog in preparation for this story.


Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing that story, I loved it.

Andrea said...

Ha Ha Ha! Love it! I think guys totally put on a romantic show when dating. Dancing in the park?! Wowsers. Erik would NEVER do that! I can't get him to dance in the kitchen. But I have my areas of fault as well. Oh well - love smooths over the rough edges.

I love how you told him no at first and to come back when he meant it! Crack up!

You guys are so cute!