Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here are a few bits of conversation:

(I told Jenna to be good or Santa wouldn't come)
Jenna: I don't believe in Santa Claus anymore.
Me: Then why did you write him a letter?
Jenna(picture the eye roll): Just in case.

(After Ty spilled water in his bed and got in trouble)
Tyler: Can I have some water?
Me: No, Daddy already told you no.
Tyler: Daddy said it louder.

(I dyed my hair darker)
Rilie: I like your hair, it is only two colors now. (The roots are still darker.)
Me: Thanks Ri.

(Tyler put a piece of a foam letter up his nose)
Tyler: Mom it hurts!
Me: What hurts?
Tyler: In my nose.
Me: Let me see how far it is up there. Ty, I don't think I can get it.
Tyler: But you're the mom!


Amber said...

so funny, my kids never seem to have all the silly one liners like yours.

Jane said...

So cute, I swear your kids say funnier things than anyone elses. They never cease to entertain me.

We are the Mayletts said...

easy Jane...they are so hilarious!! and cute.

Dan and Melissa said...

You have such adorable children. I missed you guys at church!