Monday, December 08, 2008

The difference between BYU and Cheerios...

...Cheerios belong in a bowl!

The Utes are going to Louisiana. In light of this most favorable event, I received a poem that any Utah fan (and probably BYU fans with a good sense of humor) will love.

This is BYU Quarterback, Max Hall's 4th Quarter Prayer.

It's me again, Lord, Your quarterback, Max.
Me and the brethren are flat on our backs.

With precious few minutes to go in this tussle,
Our halftime prayer service didn't give us the muscle

To beat down Paul Kruger, Sylvester and Newman,
Misi, A'asa, Beadles or Vroman.

We don't have a Johnson, Asiata or Mack
to strengthen our puny and hapless attack.

Sakoda is flawless; Casteel is too shifty.
If they score any more points, they'll beat us by fifty!

Have we offended thee, Lord? Are Cougar fans sinning?
We're not playing well, and, STILL WE'RE NOT WINNING!

That just isn't fair. This wasn't our Quest.
Our coaches have told us we're clearly the best.

We know we are Your team! The cream of the wheat.
The heathens assail us! We can't stand the heat!

I just don't believe it! It's just not very FAIR!
Our Quest is now over. We just can't compare

To Utah's fine record of unblemished fame.
I guess we're off now to lose another bowl game.

Written by: Phil Johnson (I did skip a few lines in the middle)

Utah, Utah, Utah Man am I! Utah Man Sir, and Will be 'Til I Die! GO UTES!

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